Latest Hair Colour Trends Spring & Summer 2015

Tuesday 3 March 2015

We are slowly moving into spring. London fashion week is over and we are all getting our wardrobes ready. But what about your hair? To complete your look this spring, a colour change might be on the table. It's all about the natural hair at the moment. Below I will have a look at some of the hair colour trends this spring 2015.

Redhead hair copper
Photo: Pinterest
Red heads have been all over this winter and continue to be one of the biggest shade this spring. From the variety of shades and undertones copper is the most frequently seen colour. Copper is a very attractive and natural colour. I went copper at the end of last year after being blonde for years and I'm loving it. Copper red will be suitable for both fair and medium fair skin tones. To be a redhead you have to be prepared for high maintenance with regular touch ups. At NaturalColourWorks, we have a wide range of reds and coppers in our soya based colour as well as our H2o watercolours.

Colour trends Blonde hair
Photo: Pinterest
Natural blondes
This spring a range of natural blondes are all trending. Using fine highlights will make it looking even more natural. With natural blonde highlights, it's easy to maintain and colour doesn't fade too quickly.
Natural blonde is suitable for all skin tones both cool and warm. You can choose a nice golden blonde or a cooler ash blonde. 
In NaturalColourWorks, we use seaweed lightener for our blonde highlights. It stops the hair from drying out too much as it's a more gentle product than bleach. 

Brown hair colour trends
Shades of brown
Brunettes are also in this spring with beautiful undertones. Dark brown, hot chocolate or bronzed. The shades will be suitable for both fair and tanned skin so you can be sure you'll look amazing. At NaturalColourWorks, we do some amazing brown shades in both our  H2o watercolour and soya based colours. 

Ombre Hair
Photo: Pinterest
The ombré look is still big this spring. If you just want a bit of colour to look natural and low maintenance then this is for you. You can do sutlal colours or something a bit bolder and brighter. 

What colour are you going to go for? 
Keep your eyes open for my upcoming blog on how to look after your colour. 


  1. I just took the plunge and dyed my hair a lovely auburn copper and I'm so happy I did (I hated it at first, why is red so bright ha!) x

    Always, Alice x

    1. I know it's scary at first before you get used to it. Well done for being brave and glad you love it. check out my post on how to look after your colour to prevent it from fading too quickly.



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