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Saturday 31 October 2015

Beautiful natural and vegan skincare products that are handmade in the UK. 

It was all by a coincidence I walked by a cute little shop in Hampstead called bubbles & light. It was the sign saying  "vegan and natural" that made me stop. So I had to go inside and explore. 

Immediately I was drawn to the Handmade Naturals products. 

Handmade Naturals products are handmade in the UK with only natural and pure ingredients. All their products are cruelty free and vegan. 
All their products are free from
- parabens 
- artificial fragrance (perfume)
- alcohol
- colours 
- chemical ingredients
- synthetic additives or petrolatum

So what did I buy? 
I bought Balancing face cream for normal & combination skin. I just ran out of face cream so perfect timing. I also bought a shower & bath gel called exotic with Ylang-ylang and orange. 

Balancing face cream
The face cream contains:
- chamomile 
- Shea butter
- rose hip
- rose geranium 
- mandarin

It has a pleasant smell. The cream feels light to apply. It has a pump so it's easy to get the right amount with only one pump. You can use the balancing face cream as both day and night cream.

My skin is normal with some dry patches on my cheeks. I found that the cream helped balance out my dry areas and it felt hydrating on my skin. 

Shower & bath gel - exotic
The shower gel is gentle on the skin and has a lovely exotic smell but not very strong. Which is normally a sign that there's no synthetic perfumes, which is what we like. 

It's made with coco glucose, which is the mildest sugar detergent available.  

Ylang-Ylang is believed to relieve high blood pressure and normalise sebum secretion for skin problems.

Sweet orange is an uplifting oil that works as an antidepressant and improves concentration. It is also highly effective at cleansing  and detoxifying the body.

The exotic shower gel is the winner of  Janey loves platinum award 2014. 

How long does it last? 
What I like about Handmade Naturals is that they have best before dates. It also tells you to use within 3 months of opening. It shows that it's a truly natural product. 

I find that Handmade Naturals are affordable. The shower gel is £6.25 and face cream is £11.50. 

Have you ever tried Handmade Naturals? What did you think? 

My birthday beauty wish list

Thursday 29 October 2015

Today is exactly one week until my birthday. So I thought I'll share my organic beauty wish list with you. 

On turning 31 this year. When I was younger, I used to hate it when my parents said they didn't want anything for their birthday. How could someone not want everything. I could go into any shop and pick out at least 10 things I wanted. As I've grown older I'm finding myself becoming more like my parents. When friends and family asks me what I want for my birthday, I can't really think of anything I want. The only thing I always want is organic beauty and makeup products. So here is my wish list for my 31st birthday. 

1) Kjaer Weis - the essential trio
To be honest if, I get anything from Kjaer Weis I'll be happy. I'm yet to try her stylish and amazing (so I heard) products. 

2) ZAO organic makeup - lipstick
You might have noticed me ramble on about ZAO lipsticks on various social media. I love them so much I want more. I also would like to try more of their products. So I've added to my wish list the compact foundation as well. 

3) Olympus pen - camera
It might not pass as a beauty product. But I will be able to take beautiful pictures of all my makeup.

4) Kerstin Tillberg - mug
Ok, another non beauty related product. But it's so pretty and how cool would I look if I was sipping my tea from this in my videos. It's a perfect beauty prop for my blog. 

5) Suti - face cream
This is my favourite face cream of all times and I would love a new bottle as I've recently finished one. 

6) Couleur Caramel - blusher 
I keep hearing about this brand and would love to try some of their products. I need a new blusher and how cute is this packaging? 

7) Maria Åkerberg - eyeshadows
There's no secret I love Maria Åkerberg's products. And I want some new eye shadows. To be honest I want them all. 

That's my wish list. 

Do you have your birthday soon? Or have you started your wish list for Christmas yet? What do you wish for? 


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Today I'm showing you my used products. Meaning I'm giving mini reviews of things I've recently used up. Giving my honest opinion if I liked it, didn't like it or would I buy it again.

Below are the products I've used and I've also listed any reviews of the products.

O'right Recoffee shampoo and conditioner

Kevin Murphy - fresh hair spray
Favourite dry shampoo

Skin blossom - Body wash
orange & aloe

Faith in Nature - Shower gel -raspberry & cranberry

Sukin - body lotion

Jåsön - cocoa butter

Skin blossom - body lotion

Maria åkerberg - Foundation

Salt of the earth - deodorant spray - Lavender & vanilla

Neals yard
- Vitamin E & avocado night team
- Rose & Mallow moisturiser

Suti - honour - face cream

Vita coco - coconut oil

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Love Sara

I'm getting my hair done with natural colours

Sunday 25 October 2015

Today I've decided to bring you to my salon where I work whilst I get my hair done.

I want to share a little bit more about what I do and also about our hair colours.

I work as a senior stylist in Natural colour works in Soho. Which is an organic salon using natural hair colours.

I have my highlights done by the amazing Jess.  Today she's  doing a full head of highlights on my hair and also a haircut. It's been too long since I had either done.

Jess working her magic
Earlier this year I had red hair and you can see that from my early blog days.
I've since then decided to go back blonde. But my hair got pretty damaged after going red. I kept colouring it every 2-3 weeks because it didn't want to stay in. So I didn't want to do a big job and change it all in one go. I decided to just add a few more blonde highlights each time. And we are more or less all there now. You can only see a little bit of red in my hair now.

Today I will have 3 different blondes in there to give it a nice, natural blonde colour. 

My colours (from left watercolour, soya and seaweed)

The first colour I use is the seaweed lightener that works like bleach. But doesn't dry your hair out as much and more gentle. This is the blondest highlight.

I then have a soya based colour. A golden honey colour. It contain no ammonia or ppd.

Finally a few low lights with the water colour that's a medium blonde. Watercolour is our most gentle colour as it's not mixed with a peroxide or contain any ammonia. But you can't lighten the hair with it so perfect for low lights.

A good look or what do you think?

All together this will make a nice blonde colour that blends in well and looks natural. Most of the red will finally be gone. 


For my haircut I know I need to cut a good amount off. I also like the length at the moment. But healthy hair wins and I chop about 3 inches off because it needs it. Jess cut in a few layers as well do make it a more textured look. 

It now feels nice and healthy and I do like the length as well. 

Before and after
 And a selfie of course
What do you guys think? Have you done anything different to your hair lately? 

My autumn hair products

Friday 23 October 2015

We are moving in to the colder winter months and it can mean disaster on your hair. But it doesn't have to, as I mentioned in a previous post, on how to look after your hair in cold weather.

This post is more about my favourite hair products during the winter and how I personally looking after my hair. 

In the winter we expose our hair to extreme colds and heat with cold weather, central heating and hot showers. Eventually it will make your hair dry. The key is moisture and more moisture. 

Let me tell you what I use on my hair at the moment to make sure my hair will be happy all the way through winter. 

O'right Recoffee shampoo

It's important to use a moisturising shampoo to not dry out your scalp. 
O'right's Recoffee range is repairing and moisturising. Perfect for cold weather. It's made from old coffee grounds.

C/o Gerd deep moist conditioner
It can be good to swap to a more moisturising conditioner in the winter to keep your hair from drying out. 
C/o Gerd, a Swedish brand from Lapland, keeps impressing me with their products. I was amazed with this conditioner. It's made from blueberries and makes my hair soft and shiny. It feels great for days after I washed my hair. 

John Masters avocado & lavender intensive conditioner

This is one of my favourite hair products. It's so lovely and it makes my hair feel soft and healthy. I like to use John Masters conditioner when I feel my hair need an extra boost. The lavender and avocado makes it smell lovely and it gives you a luxurious spa feeling. 

Argan oil
Argan oil also known as liquid gold origins from Morocco. It's great for your hair making it feel softer, silkier and shinier. Argan oil is great in it's pure form so try and find 100% Argan oil. Many brands trying to fool you that they sell you argan oil, but they mix it with so many other ingredients. You only need couple of drops on your ends and it's going to feel so much healthier. 

C/o Gerd B2 hair serum 

Again I'm a big fan of c/o Gerd. Their B2 hair serum is hydrating and takes away any frizz and keeps my hair soft. I think it's important to use a product in the winter that hydrates your hair to avoid any static hair and helps it from drying out. 

Those are the hair products I'm using right now. What are you using at the moment? Do you change your hair routine depending on season?

Why you should choose a natural nail polish

Sunday 18 October 2015

Nail polish is often overlooked when doing a green makeover. You might not have realised, but your nails are part of your skin and porous. Allowing toxins found in nail polish to enter your bloodstream. Some nail polish brands has 30 chemicals all combined.

How do I find an organic nail polish?
First of all organic nail polish doesn't exist. Reason being:
  • organic standards do not exist for nail polish so while it's possible to contain organic ingredients, it can't be certified. 
  • all nail polish has synthetic ingredients and need to be able to stay on your nails. 
But you can choose a safer, more natural nail polish. 

What do I look for when finding a safe nail polish? 
The key to find the safest nail polish are to look for brands that do not contain the big three (also know as 3free nail polish).
  •  Toluene
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) 
These are ingredients found in many of the most popular brands of nail polish. They are a danger to your health. 

Toluene is a possible reproductive and developmental toxin. It can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue. It's commonly found in gasoline and is a toxic ingredient found in solvents, paints and thinners. 

Formaldehyde is the same chemical used to preserve dead things, a known human carcinogen. Can also cause eye, throat, nose and skin irritation. 

Dibutyl Phthalates (DBP) is a known reproductive and developmental toxin. Also used in pvc piping. It acts as a binder to improve lasting power, but has been linked to cancer. 

What is 5free nail polish?
Some brands go even further and remove 
  • Formaldehyde resin 
  • Camphor
Together they make up the big5free.

Formaldehyde resin is commonly used in paints and varnishes. Can cause skin outbreaks and respiratory problems. 

Camphor is used to preserve dead things. It's also used for moth/insect repellent and in fireworks. Small doses of camphor can
  • slow breathing, 
  • flush skin and increase
  • decrease perspiration
In large doses or repeated exposure it can cause
  • irritability, 
  • disorientation, 
  • muscle spasms, 
  • vomiting, 
  • abdominal cramps, 
  • convulsions 
  • and seizures
What about the environment? 
The harmful compounds found in nail polish put more than just your health at risk. They also have a negative effect on the environment. When thrown in the trash, their toxic chemicals are released into the soil and ground water. Many waste departments list nail polish as a hazardous product. 

Review| Zoya nail polish 

I've decided to try Zoya nail polish that I've heard many good things about. And to be honest their colours looks good enough to eat. 

Zoya nail polish have developed the Big5free
  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP
  • Formaldehyde resin 
  • Camphor
It's vegan friendly and not tested on animals. 

It the UK 2015 Zoya won
  • Best nail polish
  • Best nail product
  • Longest wearing nail polish (by both Sunday mirror and natural health magazine). 
Zoya comes in about 300 different shades so good luck choosing.

I have five different shades of Zoya so far. They're all gorgeous. At the moment my favourites are Autumn and Payton, which are perfect autumn colours. Both colours contain glitter so gives it a nice sparkle. 

I find the nail polish easy and smooth to apply. I normally apply two layers and it lasts well. I actually think it stays better than most nail polish I've tried. 

I'm pleased with Zoya nail polish and the fact that they're 5free and vegan makes all the difference for me and worth the extra pounds. Will definitely buy more nail polish from Zoya. 

Have you tried Zoya nail polish? What do you think? Do they compare to regular nail polish? 

5 tips on how to look after your hair in colder weather

Wednesday 14 October 2015

We are moving to colder weather and it effects our hair more than you might think. The cold air outside and the central heating indoors can cause havoc on our hair. I often get clients coming in to the salon complaining about their hair being dry. So here's a few tips on how you can prevent dry hair and how to look after your hair in the winter. 

1) Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner 
When the weather turns cold the hair needs more moisture and using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner is key. Also a deeper conditioner treatment once in a while would do wonders. 
One of my favourite products in the winter is John Masters organic intensive conditioner. 

2) Wear a hat
Too much exposure to cold harsh weather can leave your hair brittle and dry. Wearing a hat will not only prevent you from getting cold but also your hair from getting dry. Make sure you wrap up. 

3) Plait your hair 
Having your hair flying around with the cold wind, rain or snow will damage your hair. To prevent this just make a plait and your hair will stay in place and be protected. 
I have several tutorials on how to do a plait on my YouTube channel

4) Avoid long hot showers 
When it's cold it's tempting to have long hot showers. But it will only dry out your hair and skin. 
The hot water can strip the natural moisture from your hair and dry it out.  Instead try and use lukewarm water.

5) Prevent static hair 
Dried out scalp produces fewer oils which makes the hair static and fly away. To avoid apply extra moisturising  shampoo and conditioner or add hair oil. 

I hope this was helpful. What are some of the things you do to look after your hair in the winter? 

Princess Leia Hairstyle (Star Wars) | Halloween Edition

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Hej Hej

Welcome to my latest video. In this tutorial you will need

- pintail comb
- hair bobbles
- bobby pins
- hairspray

Start with parting your hair in two doing a centre parting all the way through the hair.

Make two ponytails, one on each side just above your ear.

Back comb to add more volume and smooth the top layer.

Twist the hair and make your buns.

Secure with Bobby pins and add Hairspray.

You're now Princess Leia.


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My favourite Vegan & Organic lipsticks

Sunday 11 October 2015

It's not easy to find a vegan and organic lipstick. If you do find one it's not always that great. I've decided to share with you my two favourite organic vegan lipstick brands. 

Because let's be honest now. Looking gorgeous with a killer lipstick that is completely cruelty free and not hurting the environment, you can't get any cooler than that. 

My first lipstick is from LippyGirl. 
LippyGirl's lipsticks are made with organic and wild crafted, natural oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments. 

They are:
- 100% vegan
- Bee free 
- Gluten free
- Chemical free

LippyGirl represents the message "Makeup not madness" which I must agree with. I think testing on animal and using toxins in our makeup is complete madness. 

I have the LippyGirl shade "ski bunny" which is a soft nude pink colour. It's a beautiful shade lipstick and perfect when you want natural looking lips. It gives a nice shimmer to your lips. I understand why it's called ski bunny because it would look beautiful when you're in the snow and the white light reflects that gorgeous light pink. 

It is a creamy and soft lipstick so be careful when applying so it won't break. 

LippyGirl's lipsticks are £12.50 each and I think is a good value for a organic and vegan lipstick. 

My other lipstick is from ZAO makeup. 
ZAO has developed 100% natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients to enhance your skin's natural beauty. ZAO is free from all toxic ingredients including parabens, instead using micronised silver as a preservative. 

ZAO is using bamboo for the packaging. It gives it a beautiful natural look. Bamboo is known for it's speedy growth so great for sustainability. Most of the packaging is also refillable. 

The lipstick I have from ZAO is in the shade "Dark red". It's such a gorgeous red. It's long lasting and it feels like velvet on your lips when you apply. It makes you want to reapply constantly. Lucky the refill lipstick it's a lot cheaper than with the case. 

ZAO lipstick for the first time is £15.50 but refill is £9.95 which I think is great affordable makeup. 

LippyGirl and Zao proves that chemicals, animal additives and testing are not required and are completely unnecessary to get top quality makeup. 

Things that makes me happy - Autumn edition

Thursday 8 October 2015

I have so many things that makes me happy but here is 10 things that makes me happy in Autumn.

1) Leaves 
I love autumn mainly for the leaves that changing colours. It's so beautiful and then they fall to the ground. That's when the fun begins. I love kicking around in leaves. I love the sound walking through leaves and  jumping in big piles. Yes, I know I'm not a child. But who can resist a pile of leaves.

 2) Jumpers/Cardigans
Autumn is my favourite season for clothes. Because it's time for big jumpers and cardigans. I love wrapping up in layers and getting cozy in my big jumpers.

     Me as Poison Ivy last year

3) Halloween
I love dressing up so Halloween is the ultimate excuse. I also love everything that comes with it. The decorations and all the pumpkins. It's not always all about being scary. Just an awesome costume will do. 

4) Cold sunny days
I love the crisp autumn air. When it's sunny but really cold. Those are the most beautiful days. 

5) Birthdays
It's both mine and my husbands birthdays is the autumn, so plenty of fun. I love birthdays and I love giving presents. When I was younger my biggest wish was always to have snow for my birthday which most of the time came true. But that was north of Sweden. In London I can forget about snow in November. 

6) Knitting
As I love big jumpers and scarf I also love knitting. Unfortunately so far I've only managed to knit a baby jumper. I'm yet to knit a jumper for myself. autumn is perfect time for knitting and to get those Christmas presents ready. 

7) Tea 
I love tea. In autumn I love it even more. perfect to cuddle up on the sofa in my big cardigan with my giant tea mug and my knitting. 

8) Cinnamon buns
On 4th October it's cinnamon bun day. So of course autumn is made for cinnamon buns. You can't be a true swede without cinnamon buns or kanelbulle as we say it. Autumn is also a great time to hibernate and make lots of baking. 

9) Baths
I love taking a nice warm bath with a good book. It's so relaxing. There's so many great bath bombs that makes it even more fun. I also love making my own bath salts. 

10) Cinema
For some reasons all the good films comes out at this time of the year. So this is the time I got to the cinema a lot. I love just disappear in to the dark for a few hours watching a good film. 

That's the things I'm loving right now.
What do you love in the Autumn? 

Autumn Hairstyles Tutorial

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Hösten är här

In this video I'm doing 3 easy hairstyles that are perfect for autumn. Especially when it's getting colder and you want to be able to wear a hat to keep warm and still have beautiful hair. 

1. Big bouncy curls with curling tongs
For this you'll need:
- curling tong or hair straighteners

2. Fishtail plait
For this you'll need:
- A small elastic band or hair bobble

3. High ponytail - perfect with a headband
For this you'll need;
-A small elastic band 
- 1 bobby pin 


Thank you for watching

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