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Saturday 31 October 2015

Beautiful natural and vegan skincare products that are handmade in the UK. 

It was all by a coincidence I walked by a cute little shop in Hampstead called bubbles & light. It was the sign saying  "vegan and natural" that made me stop. So I had to go inside and explore. 

Immediately I was drawn to the Handmade Naturals products. 

Handmade Naturals products are handmade in the UK with only natural and pure ingredients. All their products are cruelty free and vegan. 
All their products are free from
- parabens 
- artificial fragrance (perfume)
- alcohol
- colours 
- chemical ingredients
- synthetic additives or petrolatum

So what did I buy? 
I bought Balancing face cream for normal & combination skin. I just ran out of face cream so perfect timing. I also bought a shower & bath gel called exotic with Ylang-ylang and orange. 

Balancing face cream
The face cream contains:
- chamomile 
- Shea butter
- rose hip
- rose geranium 
- mandarin

It has a pleasant smell. The cream feels light to apply. It has a pump so it's easy to get the right amount with only one pump. You can use the balancing face cream as both day and night cream.

My skin is normal with some dry patches on my cheeks. I found that the cream helped balance out my dry areas and it felt hydrating on my skin. 

Shower & bath gel - exotic
The shower gel is gentle on the skin and has a lovely exotic smell but not very strong. Which is normally a sign that there's no synthetic perfumes, which is what we like. 

It's made with coco glucose, which is the mildest sugar detergent available.  

Ylang-Ylang is believed to relieve high blood pressure and normalise sebum secretion for skin problems.

Sweet orange is an uplifting oil that works as an antidepressant and improves concentration. It is also highly effective at cleansing  and detoxifying the body.

The exotic shower gel is the winner of  Janey loves platinum award 2014. 

How long does it last? 
What I like about Handmade Naturals is that they have best before dates. It also tells you to use within 3 months of opening. It shows that it's a truly natural product. 

I find that Handmade Naturals are affordable. The shower gel is £6.25 and face cream is £11.50. 

Have you ever tried Handmade Naturals? What did you think? 

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  1. one of the first natural brands I ever discovered online many years ago and still love & use their products :D


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