Things that makes me happy - Autumn edition

Thursday 8 October 2015

I have so many things that makes me happy but here is 10 things that makes me happy in Autumn.

1) Leaves 
I love autumn mainly for the leaves that changing colours. It's so beautiful and then they fall to the ground. That's when the fun begins. I love kicking around in leaves. I love the sound walking through leaves and  jumping in big piles. Yes, I know I'm not a child. But who can resist a pile of leaves.

 2) Jumpers/Cardigans
Autumn is my favourite season for clothes. Because it's time for big jumpers and cardigans. I love wrapping up in layers and getting cozy in my big jumpers.

     Me as Poison Ivy last year

3) Halloween
I love dressing up so Halloween is the ultimate excuse. I also love everything that comes with it. The decorations and all the pumpkins. It's not always all about being scary. Just an awesome costume will do. 

4) Cold sunny days
I love the crisp autumn air. When it's sunny but really cold. Those are the most beautiful days. 

5) Birthdays
It's both mine and my husbands birthdays is the autumn, so plenty of fun. I love birthdays and I love giving presents. When I was younger my biggest wish was always to have snow for my birthday which most of the time came true. But that was north of Sweden. In London I can forget about snow in November. 

6) Knitting
As I love big jumpers and scarf I also love knitting. Unfortunately so far I've only managed to knit a baby jumper. I'm yet to knit a jumper for myself. autumn is perfect time for knitting and to get those Christmas presents ready. 

7) Tea 
I love tea. In autumn I love it even more. perfect to cuddle up on the sofa in my big cardigan with my giant tea mug and my knitting. 

8) Cinnamon buns
On 4th October it's cinnamon bun day. So of course autumn is made for cinnamon buns. You can't be a true swede without cinnamon buns or kanelbulle as we say it. Autumn is also a great time to hibernate and make lots of baking. 

9) Baths
I love taking a nice warm bath with a good book. It's so relaxing. There's so many great bath bombs that makes it even more fun. I also love making my own bath salts. 

10) Cinema
For some reasons all the good films comes out at this time of the year. So this is the time I got to the cinema a lot. I love just disappear in to the dark for a few hours watching a good film. 

That's the things I'm loving right now.
What do you love in the Autumn? 

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  1. I love this, and I love autumn too! Definitely one of my favs :) the red/gold leaves are so gorgeous, and I love that you knit! I'd love to see what you make :) cinnamon bun day sounds so awesome too - can't go wrong with one of those :)

    Hazel xx


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