I'm getting my hair done with natural colours

Sunday 25 October 2015

Today I've decided to bring you to my salon where I work whilst I get my hair done.

I want to share a little bit more about what I do and also about our hair colours.

I work as a senior stylist in Natural colour works in Soho. Which is an organic salon using natural hair colours.

I have my highlights done by the amazing Jess.  Today she's  doing a full head of highlights on my hair and also a haircut. It's been too long since I had either done.

Jess working her magic
Earlier this year I had red hair and you can see that from my early blog days.
I've since then decided to go back blonde. But my hair got pretty damaged after going red. I kept colouring it every 2-3 weeks because it didn't want to stay in. So I didn't want to do a big job and change it all in one go. I decided to just add a few more blonde highlights each time. And we are more or less all there now. You can only see a little bit of red in my hair now.

Today I will have 3 different blondes in there to give it a nice, natural blonde colour. 

My colours (from left watercolour, soya and seaweed)

The first colour I use is the seaweed lightener that works like bleach. But doesn't dry your hair out as much and more gentle. This is the blondest highlight.

I then have a soya based colour. A golden honey colour. It contain no ammonia or ppd.

Finally a few low lights with the water colour that's a medium blonde. Watercolour is our most gentle colour as it's not mixed with a peroxide or contain any ammonia. But you can't lighten the hair with it so perfect for low lights.

A good look or what do you think?

All together this will make a nice blonde colour that blends in well and looks natural. Most of the red will finally be gone. 


For my haircut I know I need to cut a good amount off. I also like the length at the moment. But healthy hair wins and I chop about 3 inches off because it needs it. Jess cut in a few layers as well do make it a more textured look. 

It now feels nice and healthy and I do like the length as well. 

Before and after
 And a selfie of course
What do you guys think? Have you done anything different to your hair lately? 

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