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Thursday 10 December 2015

Strengthening haircare using Ayurveda with Indian herbs, made in the UK. The last couple of months or so I've been using Saach organics basil, hibiscus & peppermint shampoo, for hair strengthening, and hibiscus, henna and primrose hair nourishment conditioner. I've also used the herbal hair oil. 

Saach organics contain 100% natural actives and are free from 

• parabens
• formaldehyde 
• sulphates 
• petrochemicals 

They are cruelty free and suitable for vegans. 

When I first started to use Saach I wasn't too sure about them. As many natural shampoos they don't lather that much and can sometime not feel like it cleans the hair as good. It can also weigh down the hair, leaving it feeling greasy. I tried a few different shampoos and in the end the one that worked best on my hair is the Basil, hibiscus & peppermint strengthening shampoo.

I then shampooed twice and rinsed it well. It worked and hair felt clean. 

After a while I started to notice how it improved the condition of my hair. It felt soft, smooth and stronger. It's the best condition my hair been in for a long time. 

The longer I used the products the more I like them. Because I see the benefit and how much better my hair feels. I keep getting compliments on my hair and all I've done is washing it. 

The conditioner I liked right away. It feels great to apply it to the hair, easy to comb through and makes my hair smooth. I love the smell of the conditioner. Part from the hibiscus, henna and primrose, it also has almond and cinnamon. It's rather spicy and I love it. 

The use of henna in their products is new to me. It also made me slightly nervous using them as I didn't want it to  change my colour. The henna Saach is using is a colourless henna so it won't make any difference to your hair colour and is fine to use on coloured hair. 

I've also been using the herbal hair oil. Made from Indian gooseberry cotton seed oil and almond oil. Some of the other ingredients are henna, rose, coconut oil and red sandalwood. I apply oil on my scalp and throughout the hair and leave it over night. It sinks in to the hair so doesn't feel too greasy like many oils can do. 

The herbal hair oil claims to open up blocked capillaries, improving the blood circulation on the scalp and brings back moisture to your hair. 

My scalp often get dry and itchy and this oil has helped with that. My hair feels smooth and healthy. 

Price is £10.95 a good value for a good and natural shampoo. The herbal hair oil is £12.90. You can buy them from LoveLula
I would definitely buy these again. 

Have you ever tried Saachs organics products? Which natural hair products do you use? 


  1. Love the conditioner (it's spicy cinnamon scent) and the herbal hair oil. I found the shampoo weighed my hair down and made it look dull x

    1. Love the cinnamon in the conditioner. The shampoo did weigh my hair down at first but I started to do 2 washes and rinsed well and it was fine. My hair feels great and I can easily go 4-5 days without needing to wash it again.



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