How To.... protect your hair colour from fading quickly

Monday 9 March 2015

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I often hear from people complaining about their colour fading quickly. I've decided to  write a "How To.." on how you can take extra care of your new colour and avoid as much colour fade as possible. You'll always have some colour fade, but some colours are fade more quickly than others. Redheads Beware!

I've been most colours since I started colour my hair 12 years ago, from black, red, blonde, pink, purple copper so I've learned a few things.

1. Use colour shampoo and conditioner
It's important to use a good shampoo and conditioner that are made to protect and lock in the colour to avoid fade. Even better if you can find a shampoo specific for your colour. Avoid clarifying shampoos.

2. Wash with cool water
Hot water washes out the colour and dries out your hair. Cold water closes the cuticles and keeps the colour in longer and makes your hair shiny. So turn that temperature down.

3. Don't wash your hair every day
The more often you wash your hair the quicker it will fade. Try to leave your hair as long as possible between washes. If you have a lazy day at home. Don't wash it. Just put your hair up in a bun.

4. Avoid sauna or hot yoga
Again heat dries out your hair and makes your hair out. So if you're using the sauna or doing hot yoga add some leave-in conditioner or hair oil before you start. It will soak into your hair and keep it from drying out.
Another great tip for sauna is to wrap a towel (preferably damp with cold water) around your hair.

5. Stay out of sun
How many of you have gone on holiday and come back with your hair bleached from the sun and colour not looking so great anymore? If you're going to be in the sun - wear a hat. It's the best protection from the sun.
Bandanas or scarfs are great as well.
Again leave-in conditioners and oils are great to protect your colour from the sun. If possible try and find products with a built-in sun protection (SPF).

I hope this was helpful and helps you to look after your colour better.
Have you got any other tricks in how to protect your colour?


  1. Thanks for your tips Sara. Can you please recommend a good shampoo&conditioner to preserve colour and give volume to curly fine hair? Thank you. Ana

    1. Hi Ana. I would recommend O'right recoffee volumising shampoo as good for both colour and volume. purple rose shampoo & conditioner are also good for coloured hair. Hope that helps. Sara


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