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Sunday 17 May 2015

The wedding season has officially started and I thought I put together a little board of hair inspiration for all you gorgeous brides.

I love styling wedding hair as it's so amazing to be part of someone's special day.

Have you thought of how you're having your hair yet?
Or if you are a guest at any weddings this summer what are some of the styles you do?

If you want more inspiration follow me on Pinterest


  1. Beautiful Hairstyles. Did you do them yourself?! I would definitely get mine done from you

    Much love,

    Lauren "Sweetened Sour" O'Hara

    1. Hi Lauren
      Thank you. These pictures are all taken from pinterest as inspiration but I do a lot of wedding hair so might do another post on just the hair I've done. You can check out my instagram on where I have a lot of pictures of hair I've done.

  2. Spectacular pictures of different hairstyles that will be very useful for to-be-brides! A perfect hairstyles lend a beautiful appeal to the overall attire of the gorgeous brides. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with your readers.


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