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Friday 1 May 2020

Today there are couple of make-up launches from Maria Åkerberg that I’m too excited not to share about. They're perfect for spring and summer looks. 

I was kindly gifted all of these items. 

First out is this limited edition palette of four eyeshadows called endless summer. I’m loving these light shades and absolutely perfect for summer, don’t you think? 

The shades included are dusty rose (my favourite), warm silk, toffee and hazelnut. The last two makes me crave an ice-cream. 

What I love about them is that you can use them for more than just as eyeshadows. The dusty rose can easily be used as a blusher too. The warm silk as a highlighter and the hazelnut for your brows. A handy little thing to bring with you wherever you go. 

I also managed to drop in on the floor the first thing I did but it stayed intact and didn’t break at all. Which I’m forever grateful for as clumsy me always manage to ruin my eyeshadows and blushers. 

I love these colours and definitely going to be using it a lot this summer. Plus I realised I need to do a cleanup I’m among my eyeshadows as some are getting too old. So I’m glad I have some new ones to play with. 

So let’s move on to the lipsticks. 
Maria Åkerberg has launched 2 new shades, Spirit and Angel. 

Their lip care lipsticks are great as they moisture and protects the lips but also gives your lips amazing colour. 

Spirit is in the shade of a shimmering warm beige. Which is a perfect nude colour for days of no make-up looks. The colour is very subtle but makes your lips look fuller and gorgeous in a natural way. 

Angel is a more matte pink/purple colour. It still kind of a nude but with a bit more colour and I absolutely love it. 

I think both of these shades are perfect for summer and just adds that little extra for a natural but gorgeous summer look. 

What are your go to summer makeup essentials? 

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