My trip to Cambodia

Sunday 13 September 2015

Me and my husband just spent a few amazing days in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Part of our anniversary trip. Cambodia is an amazing and beautiful place. I loved it from the second we landed. 

Cambodia is country with so much painful history and it's inspiring to meet the local people and see their amazing hearts. They're all so friendly. 

We stayed in Viroth's villa. A small boutique hotel. It was a lovely place and because it was small it felt like you had the place by yourself. 

On our first full day we went to Angkor Wat. It was such an incredible sight. We had a tour guide, Dee from tour company Urban Adventures. She was so knowledgeable and managed to paint a picture of how it was like in the Angkor time. 

We saw a few other temples as well.

Bayon temple, the Kings temple 

The last temple we saw was Ta Prohm, also known for being the location where they filmed Tomb Raider. 

On our second day we visited a floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake. This was incredible. Even just the journey out there was so beautiful and managed to meet more locals. Seeing the life of the villages was humbling yet inspiring. 

After visiting the floating villages we went back into town. To check out the Old Market.

We had some great food. This was their local dish called Amok, served in a coconut. 

I will share more about this trip later but I just wanted to show you some pictures now. 

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