Things to do for Organic September

Thursday 3 September 2015

Soil association launched Organic September to celebrate all things organic and make people more aware of choosing organic. I've put together a list of small and simple changes that we all can do this month. 

I always think of what things come from and where are they going. Think of all the rubbish we throw away. Think of all the chemicals we put down the drain daily in the shower or when we are doing the washing. All the little changes we do in our day to day life will make a huge difference. 

1. Start with your morning cuppa
Why don't you buy organic teabags or coffee grounds this month. Make your mornings even brighter for the future. Try and find teabags that are biodegradable or use loose leaf tea. 

2. Swap 5 food items
I understand it can be hard to change everything at once. Try and think of 5 food items you use a lot of and see if you can swap them to organic. It's all about starting somewhere. 

3. Swap to organic beauty
Your next beauty product that runs out. Instead of buying the same one why don't you swap it with an organic option instead. To a more in detail guide for green beauty why don't you read my green beauty guide for beginners.

4. Recycle or upcycle
Try and recycle as much as you can. But many of the things we throw away we can easily make use of in another way. There's a ton of inspiration for up cycling on Pinterest.

5. Swap to Eco friendly washing powder
Such an easy swap to do and it's less chemicals in our oceans and in our clothes. 

6. Buy organic clothes
I'm taking it a step further. Why don't buy organic clothes. All my jeans are made of organic cotton. Which means it's produced with less chemicals and so much better for both me and the environment. 

7. Visit a farmers market 
It's my favourite thing to do. Buy local, independent and organic. I'll promise you'll leave with a big smile and better tasting food. 

8. Go for organic coffee
Instead of your usual Starbucks why don't you go to a independent coffee shop using organic coffee.

9. Swap your essentials to organic
Think of the things you use everyday like body wash, deodorant and toothpaste. These things can make a huge damage to your body. But swap it to more natural and organic products. Remember our skin is the biggest organ and it absorbs so much of the toxics we put on it. Make that change. 

10. Don't get overwhelmed
When you start changing and seeing the good it does. It can be overwhelming when you think about all the toxic stuff you use everyday. Don't overwhelm yourself. You have started to change which is great. Then just do little by little. The last thing we want is more waste so don't throw out everything at once but simply replace the bad things with good things as they run out. Before you know it your home will soon be an environment friendly zone. 

Remember Organic month should just be the beginning of good habits. Don't wait for next year September until you buy your next organic product. 

What are some of the things you're doing for organic September? 

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