31 facts about me

Thursday 5 November 2015

As today is my birthday I thought I'll be selfish and talk about myself. Here is 31 facts about me, one fact for each year.

1) My biggest wish every year growing up was that is would snow on my birthday. Most times it did. 

2) I've moved house 13 times.

3) I'm the youngest out of 4 siblings.

4) I was born in Sweden 

5) I moved to London when I was 19. 

6) I'm 163 cm (5.4 ft) 

7) Growing up my biggest dream was to become a journalist or a writer. 

8) My favourite animal are cats. 

9) I became an aunt age 12.

10) I met my husband when we both worked in a record shop together. That was a long time ago.

11) We've been married for 4 years.

12) I love tea and my favourite tea is the Swedish S√∂derblandning.

13) I'm slightly obsessive with big jumpers and cardigans. Unfortunately I'm always really hot so can hardly ever wear them. 

14) I love Care Bears.

15) My favourite Swedish place in London is Scandi kitchen. 

16) My favourite sweet is salt liquorice as the true swede that I am. 

17) I became a vegetarian when I was 13. 

18) My shoe size 5.5 or 6 (39)

19) My left foot is slightly bigger than my right. A reason to why I always prefer to wear comfy trainers. 

20) My favourite tv show as a teenager was "My So-Called Life" 

21) My favourite fruit in the summer is watermelon and in the winter it's satsuma. 

22) I photograph everything. 

23) I did work experience at greenpeace when I was 15.

24) Part from my family and friends the thing I missed the most from Sweden is probably snow. 

25) I went to Santa school (more than once).

26) The lead up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year. 

27) I'm really rubbish at deciding on my favourite thing is (film, song, book) because it always changes.

28) My favourite activity is to relax. I like to have a massage. 

29) My next holiday is Iceland and I'm so excited.

30) I always read a book that's based in the country of where I'm on holiday. 

31) I love having clean bedsheets. 

That was 31 facts about me. If there's anything else you ever wanted to know about me feel free to ask me in a comment below. 

I'm off to enjoy my birthday! 


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