How to have a green Christmas

Sunday 29 November 2015

Today is first of advent and time to talk about Christmas. This time of year is often a time of excess and waste. Maybe it's time to rethink and change the way we do Christmas and have a green Christmas. Celebrating a green Christmas isn't about going without. It's about being thoughtful and considerate of not creating waste at a time of celebration. Here are my tips on having a more eco friendly Christmas. 

"It's time to slow down and consider the true cost of choosing quantity over quality" 
                             - Kate Fletcher 

1. Make your own presents
Making your own presents are not only fun and personal but also saves you money. It can also ensure that your gifts are eco friendly and using as little waste as possible. 

Pinterest is full of ideas of homemade presents. I love making bath salts and scrubs to people. Or knit a scarf. Just get creative.

2. Buy eco friendly gifts if you're not making them
There are plenty of choices of online eco focused shops. It's also a great way is to introduce others to your favourite organic beauty products. 

3. Make your own decorations
Making your own decorations is so much fun, especially if you have kids. Make them personal to you. There are lots of things you can do and again Pinterest is a great source to find ideas. 

I used to love making edible decorations to hang in the tree and you can eat them when it's all over.

If you're buying your decorations. Make sure you reuse them. 

4. Be considerate about all that paper
Reuse wrapping paper and recycle when possible. There is lots of great things you can do with old Christmas cards or decorate your presents. Also think of alternative ways to wrap your presents, like for example fabric. 

5. Buy locally grown and organic food
Christmas is a great time to buy locally. Visit your local farmers market. The food will be fresher and the shorter transportation distance from field to fork will significantly cut down on carbon emissions. Try also to minimise your food waste. 

6. Turn out the lights
Christmas lights are great. It looks beautiful and feels like Christmas. But they don't have to be on at all times. Turn them off when you're not at home or asleep. 

7. Get an Eco friendly tree
There are many debates whether a real tree or an artificial tree is the best option. Many prefer an artificial tree as it can be reused. But it all depends on the life span of the tree as it is often made by non renewable resources. If you buy a real tree try to find one from an Eco friendly farm. Another option is to buy a living tree that you can plant in your garden later. 

What are some of the ways you make your Christmas greener? 

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