My weekend - it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas

Monday 11 December 2017

It’s now only two weeks to go until it’s Christmas. I’m so excited and can’t wait. Although I do love the run-up to Christmas just as much. 
As a hairdresser the run up to Christmas means madness. We are completely fully booked and it’s crazy busy and the phone just keeps ringing with people who are desperate to get their hair done. I’m happy that I’m still sane once Christmas comes. But somehow I still enjoy it. 

On Friday evening I was preparing the house to get super Christmassy for our Christmas party we were having the next day. I love Christmas decorating and our tree just arrived the day before as well. I ordered an organic tree from Smålandsgran. I got a small one this year as we are not going to be at home for Christmas, but without a tree, I find it hard to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Saturday I still had to work for a bit and then I just rushed home for the party. We had a Christmas jumper theme and a Christmas dinner where everyone got to bring a Christmas dish from their country. As most people who we had over are all living in Sweden but not actually Swedish. But I have to mention my amazing husband Stephen who worked hard in the kitchen, whilst I was working. He put together so much yummy food. 

We ate lots of food and after we had a wonderful time just playing games and laughing. 

I was wearing my Christmas jumper I bought in Beyond retro when I was in London the week before. You can read about that trip here. It’s slightly too big, but I do love an oversized jumper so don’t really mind. But I just loved the Christmas tree with the baubles. 

Sunday we first went to church and then headed to our local Christmas market in Gamla Enskede. It’s such a picturesque area with all old houses looking like a little village. There were lots of stalls with lots of great gift ideas. 

After a cold day and a long week, I finished off with a bath using MOA’s bath potion. It’s my favourite bath product and I’ve mentioned it so many times before. But there’s no other product that can make me more alive again. To finish off I used their hello sunshine body oil. It’s the first time I’m using it but it’s so lovely and complement the bath potion so well. 

Monday I’m actually off so I add that into my weekend. I started off with some well-needed exercise and a healthy breakfast bowl full of nutrients. It’s so easy to forget about being healthy around this time of the year. But I’m still trying because I know it’s so important and so far it feels like I’m the only one who hasn’t got ill yet. 
Rest of the day is spent blogging and Christmas shopping whilst the snow is slowly falling outside. 

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. 

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