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Thursday 17 May 2018

It’s been about two weeks of tremendous sunshine and what better time to raise the subject of sun protection. It’s so easy to get excited this time of year and just run out in the sun. But after a long winter. (Especially in Sweden.) our skin is very sensitive to the sun and slowly need to get used to it again. If you ever been to Scandinavia in early spring, you’ll probably see half the population standing with their backs to a wall and staring up at the sun. That’s what happens when you haven’t seen the sun for a long while. But it’s actually very bad for your skin as the early sun is just as dangerous as in the middle of the summer. 

So, first of all, some tips for being safe in the sun. 

- First of all always wear sun protection. 
- Your skin needs time to get used to the sun so be extra careful in the spring and beginning of the summer. 
- Avoid being in too much direct sunlight. 
- Stay in the shade or just move around instead of lying still in direct sunlight a whole day. 

Here are my favourite sun lotions

Green People sun accelerator SPF 15
This sun lotion from Green People is my go to when I’m on holiday and want to get a nice colour on my skin. It contains carob to speed up the tanning process with 25% but still protects your skin. I’ve been using Green people for years and just love their sunblocks. It has both UVB and UVA protection. 

Bioregena - spray solaire SPF 50
This is a new favourite. Bioregena has a spray so easy to apply and is not too thick of a cream which can lead to build up and make your face look like a white ghost. It absorbs into the skin easily and it smells amazing. I’ve been using this a lot this week. I think it’s important to start with a high SPF before your skin has got used to the sun. I do think this works ok for sports too. I’ve used it few times when I’ve gone for a run. 

Bare Origin - raspberry seed oil
Raspberry oil contains a natural SPF and is my go to when I’m not really going out to be in the sun but just going to work or to the shop for example and still going to be in the sun. It’s easily applied and absorbed so takes no extra time but keeps you protected at all times. I also like this oil when I’m running as it absorbs into the skin and not just become a white surface in my skin when I start sweating. Especially my face. 

Hurraw sun lip balm 
One area that’s easy to forget is your lips. But they’re just as important to protect from the sun. The Hurraw lip balm has SPF 15. It also smells delicious with tangerine and chamomile.  I love Hurraw lip balms, that are raw and vegan and this one is my go to in the summer. 

What’s your favourite sun-protection? 

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