Restocking my green beauty faves

Wednesday 30 May 2018

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I recently finished a big load of green beauty products. I did film a YouTube video with a mini-review of all of them. You can watch my empties video here.

I do find it satisfactory to finish products especially as I can’t stand waste so it almost makes me feel good knowing that I finished something. But then I have to order new ones, which I recently did with my LoveLula affiliate blogger points.

Here is what I ordered.

Lucky Cloud - super balm
The Lucky Cloud super balm is such a gorgeous balm. With the scent of sweet orange and vanilla, you can imagine how lovely it smells. It melts easily into the skin and makes the toughest of skins feeling smooth. It’s great with this heatwave we’ve been having, my skin needs extra moisturising and this balm definitely got it. This 60 ml jar cost £17 which I think is good value.
I randomly discovered Lucky Cloud on LoveLula and I’m so happy I did. I also got their lip balm and face oil and I love them all.

Mossa - micellar water
I mentioned two micellar water on my video and both I liked a lot but in the end, I decided to order this micellar water from Mossa with raspberry vitamins. It cleanses the skin well and makes it so easy to remove makeup. Mossa is an affordable brand, which is great. It's only £10 for 200ml which is a lot for your money. 

Hurraw - lip balms
I do love Hurraw’s lip balms and as I all of a sudden was out of lip balms it was time to restock. I decided to get the sun balm with SPF 15 for the summer as it's easy to forget about protecting your lips in the sun. I also got baobab banana which smells and taste delicious.

Lippy girl - lipsticks
I have another video that’s not live yet where I was throwing out old makeup and sadly enough that included a lot of lipsticks, which one was ski bunny from Lippy girl. I decided to get a couple of vegan lipsticks from Lippy girl as I liked the one I had, I got the shades boss lady, which is a coral shade and fancy pants is a lovely pink shade.

What are some of the products you keep buying again and again?

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