Review | Green People Toothpaste and Radius Floss sachets

Friday 17 April 2015

I'm trying to be good and look after my teeth, but of course still using natural and organic products. Is this possible you ask? Yes, it is.

I put a picture of my toothpaste on Instagram and Twitter and had a few people asking about it so I thought I'll write a review.

Green People Toothpaste - minty cool

Why do I choose organic toothpaste?

It's free from nasties like SLS (sodium Lauryl Sulphate), Fluoride, artificial flavours, colouring, sweeteners and preservatives. It's cruelty-free, vegan and fair trade. So the question is why shouldn't I choose organic toothpaste?

If you're not used to natural toothpaste it might feel strange as it doesn't foam as much as the average toothpaste, but don't worry it still cleanse your teeth just as well.

I find a natural toothpaste much more gentle in my mouth. My teeth feel and look clean and leaves a comfortable freshness of mint as an aftertaste.


Radius Floss Sachets - mint

I love this floss. Firstly there's no plastic anywhere as both the packaging and the floss is biodegradable. How great is that?

The floss is great. My teeth are quite close together so I can find flossing a bit difficult sometimes but it easily moves between my teeth and give it that extra clean so I won't get told off by my dentist.

Have you ever tried a natural tooth care product? I would love to hear your verdict.

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