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Sunday 5 April 2015

It's been an exciting month. We looked at some spring trends as it finally starting to feel like spring. Isn't it amazing how light it is since we changed the clocks forward? Love it.

I think the most exciting thing for me this month was the launch of my YouTube channel. So far, I have two videos out My 10 Hair Essentials' and My 5 Hair Hacks please have a look if you haven't already.

My Top 5 Hair Hacks

My Top 10 Hair Essentials

I reviewed some great products:
I wrote a post on the Latest Hair Colour Trends for Spring/Summer 2015 and another post on how to protect your hair colour from fading.

Also wrote a post on Why We Should Use Organic Beauty Products, such an interesting and important topic.

That was me for March, please let me know what you have enjoyed?

In April I have a few more videos for you, teaching you How To Do a Dutch Plait and I'll be showing you My Skin Care Routine. I will also update you on my trip Stockholm.
I'll hope you'll stay on for the ride.

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