The organic beauty revolution in Sweden

Thursday 27 August 2015

Organic hair & beauty is taking over in Scandinavia. I've always been amused on how much rest of the world wants to copy Scandinavia, but finally there's a reason.

I love going back home to Sweden as the organic wave is just getting bigger and bigger each time I go. It feels like the Swedes really understands how important it is and that we all have a responsibility to our planet. 

I just been home to Göteborg (Gothenburg) and I was so pleasantly surprised by the hair & beauty industry in Sweden. 

First I want to say a big Thank you to Maria Åkerberg who was very helpful to let me know where I could find her products. She directed me to M&M nail's and beauty centre on Vegagatan. I got a chance to see how big range of Maria Åkerberg there actually is. It was hard not to buy everything. It was great to see that she's doing so well and so many in Sweden care what ingredients they actually put on their skin. 

As more and more people are becoming aware of what they put on their bodies, they stop using harsh chemicals and eventually things change. The producers realising that no one will buy their rubbish and have to improve their products. More and more organic brands are constantly popping up. 
The consumers have spoken and the producers are listening. Finally! 

After I managed to drag myself away from all the beautiful Maria Åkerberg products and only the size of my suitcase stopped me from buying everything. 

I didn't walk very far until I bumped in to Salong Alexandra, an organic hair salon. Also situated on Vegagatan. Of course I had to go in and talk to them. I was in luck as I got to chat with Alexandra her self. They've been using organic products for 5 years. They're using organic colour systems. The favourite hair brand was of course John Masters but on the shelves was a wide range of different products including many Swedish brands. Alexandra is dedicated to her clients and always making sure she uses products with the best ingredients. 

By accident I also passed Ekologisk hudvård & frisör. They're an organic hair & beauty retail shop with a hair salon in the back. They've been on Linnegatan just over 4 years and just about to rebrand to Eko Linné. They stock a huge number of Eco products and they make their own products as well.

It's great to see Scandinavia to be a leader in changing the world.  

Do you think it's important to use organic beauty products? 

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