Review | Hurraw lip balm

Sunday 16 August 2015

I have a new obsession and my lips love me for it. Hurraw lip balms. They make my lips soft and moist as no one likes dry lips.

I recently bought the sun balm as I'm soon going on holiday. I got so obsessed with it I needed to go and buy a few more for my everyday use. I like to keep stuff like this in various places to always have at handy. There's always one at work, in my handbag and next to my bed. 

Hurraw is all natural, vegan made from premium raw, organic and fair- trade ingredients. That's enough for me to love a product, but that's not all. There's plenty of amazing flavours to choose between for starters. Some of my favourites are Liquorice and Chocolate. Of course as I'm a tea lover I also like the flavours Earl Grey and Green tea. 

It's so easy to apply and gives your lips a nice shine. It's the longest lasting lip balm I've ever tried as the lips still feels soft hours later. 

Have you tried Hurraw? Which one is your favourite?

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