Wish list for Sweden

Thursday 20 August 2015

 Today I'm off to Sweden. First stop is Stockholm to do my clients hair. I have a bunch of wonderful people I do hair for every three months. Second stop is Göteborg (Gothenburg) to see my family. 

Every time before I go to Sweden I like to write a wish list for my favourite Swedish brands. 

This is what I'm hoping/wishing to get when I'm over there. 

Maria Åkerberg 
- Makeup 
One of my favourite beauty brands. Last time I went to Stockholm was the first time I tried her make-up. This time I've my eyes on
Warm coral and Rose.
-Mineral powder pure beige 
It's perfect colour for Scandinavian skin. 

There probably will be more purchases than that from Maria Åkerberg. 

C/o Gerd 
- Deep moist conditoner
I also tried a c/o Gerd last time and it was so nourishing for my hair I really want to try their conditioners especially the deep moist one. 

- black jeans
I'm in need of another pair of black jeans and Weekdays is one of my favourite places to go for my denim. I'm also keen on checking out their organic range. 

- Eco shell jacket
I need a warm jacket for my trip to Iceland later in the year. I've got my eyes on this three layer shell jacket in Eco shell from Fjällräven. Made from recycled and recyclable polyester and  also fluorocarbon-free and climate compensated. Don't worry it's fake fur. 

- Big mug 
As you all know by now I love my big tea mugs and I just love this mug. So pretty and the perfect size. Indiska is my favourite place for mugs. 

My Swedish soul needs Liqourice so I'm stocking up when I'm at home. Some of my favourites are
- djungelvrål 
it's very salt liqourice and not for the weak. It's the Liqourice for the real hardcore swedes. 
- Lagom 
I just love this brand. Lagom is a Swedish word for just right and it's the right amount with the right amount of salt Liqourice taste. It's Lagom. 

What's on your wish list at the moment? 

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