My Organic London - Borough Market

Friday 14 August 2015

I will be doing a series of my favourite places in London that has something to do with my organic lifestyle. 

One of my favourite places are Borough Market. I like to come her once or twice a month and and buy some of my favourite organic food items. It's a great place to get in season vegetables. I always prefer to buy more local and independent when I can and Borough market is a good opportunity to do so. 

Borough Market is a haven for anybody who cares about the quality and where the food they eat come from.

For anyone who hasn't been to Borough Market I would like to urge you to go. It's a great place to just hang out, grab a coffee or food and get your shopping done. 

My favourite place for coffee is Monmouth coffee. There I not only get my favourite espresso, but also buy my ground coffee for home use as well. You can buy the beans or get them grounded like I do. Monmouth have great quality coffee. They like to build a relationship with the grower and exporter to keep their business sustainable, fair and equal trade. They roast their coffee locally and use organic milk (for those who drink it) and organic whole cane sugar.

One of my food favourites are Wokit. I tried it first time after DeliciouslyElla mentioned it on Instagram. 
Wokit wok healthy noodles or rice with fresh local produce (from the market) that you get to choose. They then wool it in front of you. My favourite noodle is sweet potato and buckwheat. 

Some of my other favourite picks are

The Olive Oil co
This is where I buy my organic olive oil. The Olive Oil company imports olive oil and vinegar, sourced from specialist producers across Italy. 

Ted's veg
An ever changing range of seasonal homegrown vegetables and salad from Ted Dawson's farm in Lincolnshire. As well as a selection of fruit and veg from other high quality suppliers. 
I do like to browse around all the vegetable stalls and get a few bits and bobs from each one of them. But Ted's veg is normally my go to stall.

Bread Ahead
This is my favourite place to buy bread from. Bread ahead makes easy and tasty bread. Showing that you don't need lots of ingredients to make it taste good. Bread Ahead also has a bakery school at Borough market and I've always wanted to try it out. In the meantime I just enjoy their tasty breads in the market. Especially their Sourdoughs. It's also slightly cheaper than the other bread stalls in the market.

That are some of the places I shop. There's is so much to see and try at Borough Market so plan a day out and enjoy it for yourself. 

Have you been to Borough Market? What do you like about it? 


  1. Hi Sara,

    Love the run down! My nearest market is Marylebone, but I'm hoping I can pop into Wokit at some point - those noodles sound amazing!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    1. Thank you Besma. If you are close to Marylebone you'll have to visit content beauty for some amazing green beauty buys. Great to have you in London.


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