My relaxing weekend

Tuesday 21 November 2017

I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. This is probably the first weekend in a long time I had a weekend with no plans. 

I started Saturday with a lazy morning in bed. I love starting the day with a good cup of tea and some reading. 
At the moment I’m reading “Ekoenklet - vägen till en hållbar livsstil” ( The way to a sustainable lifestyle) by Pernilla Johansson who also runs the ethical clothes shop Ecosphere in Stockholm. It’s a great guide with lots of ideas to help in our everyday life to living more sustainable.

Another great thing in the mornings is breakfast. I made a creamy coconut breakfast based on a recipe from Deliciously Ella. Not normally a porridge fan, but that was yummy. This book mood food is a great book to help you with what healthy food you should eat to heal things like headaches, colds, mood swings and tiredness. 

I spent the afternoon doing some yoga and then followed by a long hot bath. It’s such a luxury to be able to do that when you work full time to have a day for some self-care. I find it so important I order to give to others and love the people around me I need to also look after myself. Which sometimes I’m not so good at. 

I also made sure to give some extra attention to my skin. At the moment I’m using Herbfarmacy skincare at the moment. They do such wonderful products and I find them perfect for the cold weather we are having at the moment. The refining eye-cream refreshes and brightens up the area of the eyes. The Nourishing face cream is hydrating and feels amazing on my skin. I tend to use the mallow and rose facial oil for the night time. 

In the evening I and Stephen ventured out to the cinema to watch The justice league. It was good and I’m loving Wonder Woman and also Flash. 

I did spend some time on blogging as well. I finished my Christmas gift guide. So if you’re looking for some green beauty gift ideas you can check it out here. 

Also worth mentioning is I finally cut my fringe back in. I feel like myself again. All I need now is to get my highlights done soon, which I’m planning to have done on Wednesday at work and I can finally take pictures of myself again. 

It’s been great to have a weekend with no plans and just relax. It finished with snowflakes slowly falling from the sky and I guess winter is officially here.

What do you do when you have a relaxing day/weekend? 

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