My weekend - Preparing for the cold

Monday 13 November 2017

I’m continuing the series of My Weekends. This week has gone so fast. Friday came quicker than I could apply my makeup. It seems like you have enjoyed my latest blog post which makes me very happy. I’m so grateful for all your support and kind comments. I also hope you like my new look on here too. 

Friday evening started with me going out with my wonderful work colleagues. There are only four of us that works at Ecohair, so a small but amazing team. We went bowling, something I’m embarrassingly bad at, but surprisingly I came second. Afterwards, we went for Lebanese food at Tabbouli at Kungsholmen. The restaurant is very dark and cosy. I loved the decor with candles lit all over the place. I and colleague Carro went for a vegan tasting menu of 16 dishes as we couldn’t choose for ourselves. I do love a tasting menu as it’s a great way to try different dishes and get a real taste of the restaurant. The food was amazing and my favourite was their fried cauliflower. 

I need to mention the cold weather that has hit Sweden. It is middle of November after all. It’s time to bring out the thick jumpers and cardigans. I’ve been doing some thrift shopping as I think it’s a great way to find some cool stuff. If you want some tips on thrift shopping for jumpers Besma from Curiously Conscious did a great post on that which you can read here. She also just interviewed me which you can read here

Another thing when it’s cold is that my skin, but especially my hands get very dry. But I’ve discovered a great solution. A few months back I received Madara’s Daily defence balm through my LoveLula beauty box. It’s perfect for cold weathers. It’s super rich and leaves my hands feeling smooth. It also smells amazing, almost like some kind of sweet.

On Saturday afternoon I and Stephen headed into Gamla stan (Old Town) for a talk for couples on communicating and forgiveness. It was set in a beautiful place called Cluster with a gorgeous view over Stockholm. 
It was a great talk on how our minds work and why we communicate the way we do. I strongly believe that it’s important to nurture our relationships and work hard for them. 

After that, we went to our local Indian restaurant, The real India, for some amazing food. After all that food, we spent rest of the evening on the sofa with some Netflix and chill. 

Another product worth mentioning is Simply Soaps. They’re handmade, vegan, natural and organic soaps. I’ve been using the geranium and rose for my daily morning showers. The soap is lovely and they have real rose petals inside and smells divine. It doesn’t dry out the skin and has a creamy feel. 

On Sunday I met with my book club. We set up a small group at the beginning of the year. We only read books in English and then discuss them. The book we finished this time was Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It was an easy read and very relatable. It basically is about two friends and you get to follow their life from when they meet at the age of 14 until they’re middle age. It’s a great book about friendships and family. 
My book club also got me a birthday present, which was so sweet. Cinema tickets accompanied by some of my favourite sweets. I’m looking forward to using them soon. 

What did you get up to on the weekend? 


  1. Love this post Sara! I laughed about you being bad at bowling, so well done on coming second. I'm also loving my Madara Daily Defence Cream - so much so that's it's almost empty!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

    1. Haha thank you Besma!
      I made sure I saved the cream for the colder weather as the dry winter cold causes havoc on my skin. I’m so glad I did.

  2. I also enjoyed my last weekend with cold and snow. That was my fabulous time with family.

    Botox Leeds

    1. Sounds lovely. We got our first snow last night.


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