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Tuesday 20 March 2018

I’ve tried the Vertue box once before when they did a hair edition. This month’s box was in collaboration with Elisa from Happy Skin Kitchen. It is a great mixture of natural beauty products and healthy food products.

I thought it would be perfect with this box in regards to "My Beauty from within Series". I’m a strong believer in looking after your hair and skin with what you put inside of you. Let’s look closer to the products in the box.

Optiat - coffee scrub
Optiat is a really cool company that collects used coffee grounds from cafes and restaurants in London and turning them into great products. I got the feel great coffee scrub with mandarin. I do love a good coffee scrub and with a great concept like this, you can’t go wrong. The mandarin gives it a fresh scent too.

We are tea - cleanse tea
We are tea is a range of tea developed by the nutritionist Amanda Hamilton. The cleanse tea is a blend of bittersweet Botanicals including nettle and dandelion to promote healthy skin. I loved this tea and will order a box of them as one bag wasn’t enough for me.

Siskyn - brightening night oil
Siskyn is a new brand for me. This brightening night oil contains lemon, carrot seed and sea buckthorn to help brighten and nourish dull skin. It’s definitely what I need this time of the year when the long winter had its toll on my poor hair and skin. It has a little roller which helps to not apply too much, which makes it last a long time.

Kiki Health - natures living superfood / alkaline infusion
This alkaline infusion from Kiki health is great if you’re often tired and your hair and skin lost its glow. Mostly it means your body is too acidic as acids are formed in the metabolism due to poor diet and stress.
The alkaline minerals in this infusion have a neutralising effect so that your body retains its natural balance. First of all, it tastes good so it’s easy to just mix it with some water and I feel amazing after been using it just for few days.

Nini Organics - Natura miracle mask
Nini Organics natura miracle mask is a blend of superfood powders, clays and herbs. It’s a powder that you’ll mix with water. It’s a great detoxifying mask and felt so great afterwards.

Creative Nature - chia seeds
I love chia seeds. They’re great for so many things. Full of good nutrients like iron and omega 3 it’s a superfood and I love making chia seed pudding for breakfast. If any food would be a good skin food, chia seeds are definitely one of them.

Luna Kloris - go for the glow oil
A gorgeous facial oil containing some amazing ingredients like green tea, jojoba and passion fruit. The oil smells beautiful and feels great on my skin. It was only a small sample but would love to try a full size to really test it out. 

One Earth Organics - shine bright superfood blend
This shine bright superfood blend is a carefully crafted blend of boosting nutrients from a├žai berry, baobab, Goji Berry, mornings and matcha. Full of vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and B12. It supports skin health and makes your skin glow. It didn’t look exciting and didn’t taste much better either. But knowing all the good ingredients in the superfood blend made me finding ways of adding it and still taste good. Works perfect in a smoothie and I’m still to try the recipes that came with the box.

Weleda - skin food
A green beauty classic. A multipurpose balm for dry skin. It can be a lifesaver for dry winter hands or elbows.

I love the Vertue box and think it’s a great value for all the amazing products you’ll get for only £37.

Have you tried the Vertue box?

*This is not a sponsored post. I’ve received the box for free in order to review it, but all opinions are my own.


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    1. Hi Zia,
      Yes I agree. Subscription boxes are great gifts. And they’ll get a good variety of products.

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