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Friday 30 March 2018

Is it just me or does it feel like the Green beauty world think women don’t shave? Every shaving products are catered to men instead of calling themselves unisex. Anyway, I decided to share the products I use when shaving my hairy legs. 

I’ve been trying a few different shaving soaps and gels. It’s taken some time to find products I actually like. 

First of all the razors (which actually call themselves unisex). I use Preserve recycled eco razor with triple blades, which is made of old yoghurt packaging and is completely recyclable. I also get refill blades from Preserve. They come in a packet of four. The blades are titanium covered and also has a lubrication strip for comfort. The blades are very easy to remove and replace. 

I’ve been using this razor for two years now and can’t imagine how many single-use razors I have saved and money. The shaver only cost £6.99 and the package of razors are £9.99. I find it just as good as any other razors. I used to always use men’s razors because they are so much better and I find these doing a very good job too. They have a great grip and easily moves around and makes it easy to shave even the more difficult areas. My only problem is that I’m too lazy to shave my legs often enough. But thanks to the long Swedish winters no one will ever know. 

To help to shave I use Sukin’s shaving gel. Yes, it does say for men, but so far this is the best green shaving gel I have tried. It contains Tasmanian pepper and baobab extract to lubricate the skin to be able to get a good and close shave. It also contains sesame oil and chamomile to help soothe the skin. I found the shaving gel doing a great job and left the skin feeling smooth after the shave. It is £7.99 for a 225ml bottle. 

A little tip is that I like to use a small amount of aloe vera after I’ve shaved just to calm the skin and avoid getting any rash. 

What’s your favourite shaving products? 

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