Haulternative for Fashion Revolution Week

Saturday 28 April 2018

Fashion Revolution Week is slowly coming to an end. It’s been great to see how many people got involved. But I’m hoping this wasn’t just for this week but people continue to question where their clothes coming from and who made them. If you want to know what else you can do read here.

A few days ago I shared my sustainable wardrobe. Today I’m going to do a haulternative. Meaning a haul of my recent thrift shopping.

Why is thrift shopping more sustainable?
First of all your environmental impact is close to nothing as no new clothes need to be made and keeps them away from being thrown away and become landfills. The clothes get a new life and you’ll save money too. And the money you spend goes to a good cause so it’s all win-win. I enjoy shopping in charity shops as you can find some great and interesting clothes and it's all part of the fun not knowing what you'll find.

These are the clothes that I bought in my last haul.
I love adding a few new pieces every spring/summer with some extra colour and fun patterns. I went to Stadsmissionen in Södermalm, Stockholm. I always find some great stuff there. This time I bought three tops and they were all 45 SEK (just under £4) each.

The first top was originally from COS. I liked the mixture of different fabric and patterns. This was a size small but as it’s a big size, but I thought it worked well even though I tend to normally be a size medium.

The second top is probably my favourite. A cotton shirt with a cute design. It’s a more unique find and the label says Anna’s design from Finland so not sure what brand that is. But it’s a perfect fit and I love the cut at the collar. Then the pattern with birds in the trees and those colours are amazing. I think this quickly is becoming my new favourite item of clothing.

Lastly, I got a yellow, green and black patterned top originally from H&M. It has three-quarter arms and I love patterns on my clothes so fell for it right away. It has a zip in the back and has a lovely fit.

What are some of your favourite charity shop finds?

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