Dressing sustainably for Fashion Revolution week

Wednesday 25 April 2018

This week is Fashion Revolution Week and I wanted to share some of the brands that are actually doing something good. 

If you want to get involved with Fashion Revolution and need some ideas have a read here.

I’m slowly working on changing my wardrobe to completely sustainable and ethical. It’s been an exciting journey in finding lots of new exciting brands, but most importantly to be patient. Shopping for sustainable clothes is not as easy as to pop down to the high streets and buy whatever you fancy. First of all, it might cost a bit more, which the reason for it is that people actually get paid for making the clothes. It also is a bit harder to find. I thought I would share some of my favourite sustainable brands. 

A little side note before I start, a great way to shop more sustainably is thrift shopping. You can find some amazing second-hand clothes and I’m looking to do an outfit post on my latest thrift haul soon. 

What’s taken me the longest is to find a shop that sells sustainable clothes. I can not stand online shopping. 70% of the times I have to return the clothes. When I moved to Stockholm I discovered a shop in Hornstull that only stock ethical brands, Ecosphere. I was overjoyed. It’s a wonderful little shop and I have to resist to buy everything in it when I’m there. Every brand that Ecosphere sells are carefully picked by Pernilla, who makes sure all the clothes are sustainably and ethically made. Good news for anyone who doesn’t live in Stockholm is that they do worldwide shipping. 

Wearing Beaumont organic shirt, Kings of Indigo jeans and kind socks.

Kings of Indigo
I’ve been wearing the same type of jeans from Weekdays for years and years but eventually, I got sick and tired of the poor quality and the need for buying a new pair of jeans every 3-4 months. Even though they’re rather cheap it was a waste. After speaking to Pernilla from Ecosphere she convinced me to come to the shop and invest in a pair of Kings of Indigo. So I did, actually, I got two pairs. A black and a grey pair of high rise skinny jeans. I’ve now had them for over a month and they’re super comfy and good quality. I can’t wait to see how long they will last me. 

Beaumont Organic
Whilst at Ecosphere I discovered a shirt that I just couldn’t resist. Mind you it was in the sale and a real bargain. It was a linen shirt from the British brand Beaumont Organic. The shirt just makes me feel like I should go on holiday. It quickly became a favourite of mine. Since then I started following them on Instagram and seen so many nice items. 

Kind Socks
A new upcoming Swedish sustainable sock-wear brand Kind Socks That focuses on colourful and fun socks and at the same time being made organic and fair trade. It’s so exciting as they’re not even launched yet. They will shortly be launching on Kickstarter so make sure you follow them on social media so you can keep yourself updated. 

Another Swedish brand and they also got a shop in Stockholm, but are sold in various places around Europe. Dedicated's focus is on organic streetwear, with fun designs. Probably one of my favourite t-shirts is from Dedicated. Their new season has some wonderful pieces that got me drooling. 

People Tree
Probably one of the first brands I discovered and they’ve been around for a while.The British brand  People Tree is leading the way for sustainable and fair trade fashion. They have some wonderful designs and very serious about their certifications and making a difference in the fashion world. 

Then there’s a whole long list of brands that I have on my wishlist and I’m looking to bit by bit move them into my wardrobe and I’ll make sure I’ll update you on the way.

What are some of your favourite ethical fashion brands? 

*Photo credit to Emily Kaboni

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