Things You Can Do For Plastic Free July

Sunday 22 July 2018

We are moving towards the end of plastic free July. It's an initiative taken by the Plastic Free July foundation. Their mission is to build a global movement that dramatically reduces plastic use and improves recycling. Their vision is a world without plastic waste. Together we are reducing our consumption of single-use plastics in July and beyond. Make sure you sign up on their website.

We keep seeing and hearing about our oceans are full of plastic which is damaging to the animals, our planet and ourselves. An action is needed now.

I wanted to share some things I’m doing to reduce my plastic and hopefully, this will help you to make better choices too.

Say No to Disposable cups and straws
Bring your own coffee cup for your take away. Once you get into the habit to bring it’s the easiest thing ever. Also, you don’t need straws. Your drink taste just as good without one.

Reusable cutlery
Make the habit of having a knife and fork with you. There are some really cool sporks on the market now. I’ve taken the no waste a step further and actually keep a pair of chopsticks at work so I don’t need to use disposable wooden ones all the time.

Ditch the plastic bags
Bring your own shopping bag. I always carry a tote bag with me that often has another tote bag inside just in case I end up doing a shop when not expected. I also recently bought some net bags for my fruit and veggies. It does my heading when people put like one tomato in a plastic bag for then just take it out of there 10 min later to eat it. It came in a pack of 5 various sizes bags and it’s great.

There’s no need for plastic toothbrushes these days. There are so many great bamboo brushes. I actually got a toothbrush that’s made from recycled yoghurt pots. And I just keep swapping the brush head so a lot less waste.

No more plastic bottles
Make sure to always carry a reusable water bottle. I have my Klean Kanteen that is made from stainless steel. I’ll bring it with me wherever I go.

Shop mindfully
Try to not buy plastic packaged food. I know it’s easier said than done. It feels like almost all vegetables have plastic around them these days. If possible go to a local farmers market or a whole food store and it gets a bit easier. There are few zero waste stores and I wish I was lucky enough to live near one of those. Again make sure not to use unnecessary plastic bags.

Clean up
Get into the habit of picking up plastic that you see in nature. Even if you just pick 3 things and take it back to recycling you’re doing a great thing for our planet.

What are some of the things you've been doing for plastic free July?

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