Green Beauty Products With A Moroccan Feeling

Friday 6 July 2018

Last year I and Stephen went on holiday to Marrakech, Morocco and also did a trip out to the desert. Since then I've been discovering products that reminded me a lot of Morocco and brought back my memories. I wanted to share them with you.

The Products of Morocco
Morocco is known for some amazing products. Argan oil, Rosewater and Rhassoul clay. These are some of the things that always reminds me of the country. I have an argan oil from Body Bazar with such a gorgeous packaging and it always reminds me of our holiday. I've written a review about their products here. I then have a rosewater from Bare Origin that has the most amazing rose scent. It reminds me of passing the rose town on our way to the desert. Rhassoul clay you could find at every street corner and this Rhassoul soap from Loelle is all you could ask for.

The scent of Marrakech
When I recently found Loelle's Rhassoul soap I was immediately transported back to streets of  Marrakech. This soap actually smells like the city itself. It's incredible. two other products that remind me of the scents of Marrakech are Loelle's hair oil with argan oil and barbary fig seed oil and Walden's perfume See the Moonlight. It's the latest scent from Walden perfumes and a mix of bergamot, rose and sandalwood gives it a strong and spicy scent which I like and it reminds me of many scents in Marrakech.

The memories of our Holiday
Then there are some products that just remind me of my time in Morocco. Like the black soap from Body Bazar brings me back to when we went to the Hamam and got washed with Black soap and after had a massage with argan oil.
The Moroccan mint lip balm from Stop the Water While Using Me reminds me of all the mint tea we drank several times every day.

it's incredible how our sense of smell works and how it can transform us to another place or time.

Do you have a product that reminds you of a holiday or another good memory?

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