Coming To Terms With Living Without A Bath

Monday 29 October 2018

I’ve recently moved to a different apartment in Stockholm. Even though I live much more central and in a great area. There’s one thing I struggle with. I don’t have a bath. I do love having a nice relaxing bath, especially now when we are moving into the cold season which in Sweden last for at least six months. I’m also training a lot with my running and it’s so great for tired aching muscles to soak in a bath. But at the moment that is the past for now. So I’ve been trying to get to terms with having a shower and enjoy that too. 

I ordered some organic and vegan shower gels from LoveLula that I haven’t tried before, one from Benecos and one from Natura Siberica. Both foams well and doesn’t dry the skin. My favourite of the two is definitely the Benecos pomegranate and rose. The scent is lovely and actually, make the shower experience a tad more enjoyable. The Natura Siberica anti-stress shower gel was great too and I do love the purple colour. It contains plants from Siberia that are full of nutrition for the skin. 

I also added a nice touch with an essential oil diffuser from The handmade soap company. They also do lovely soaps and shower gels, which is on my list to try more of soon. The diffuser gives a nice look in the bathroom and also keeps it smelling nice. I chose the Art Deco one that is inspired by the 1920’s because I love the look of it.

I’m trying to make my shower a nice experience and adding masks and some home pampering to my routine, but at the moment I’m still missing my bath. 

Have you got any tips on how to enjoy your shower routine more? 


  1. Must try the benecos one! I don't have a bath either and miss not being able to have a good old soak ☺️

  2. Sometimes a bath is just exactly what you need but good products for the shower definitely helps


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