June Favourites 2015 - Whole Foods + Sukin Body Lotion

Tuesday 30 June 2015


So, half the year has gone, which means it's end of June and I'm doing my June favourites.

June has been a great month.  I haven't done much shopping this month so I decided to show you things that I've enjoyed in the month of June new or old.

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June Favourites

1. Tea - green tea and coconut from  Higher Living
Holland & Barrett

2. Book - The sunrise by Victoria Hislop

3. Peppermint facial spritz - Suti

4. Running top - Nike - Run London

5. Coconut & Raspberry chocolate - Seed & Bean chocolate

6. Body lotion - Sukin

7. Strawberries - Borough Market

Tell me some things you've enjoyed in the month of June

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