Review | Sukin hydrating body lotion & Aloe Vera gel

Sunday 21 June 2015

I recently went to buy my first Sukin product, a body lotion. When I got home I had an email asking me to try their aloe vera gel to review. I was only a little freaked out. Like had they just been stalking me in Wholefoods? Probably not. To be honest I was more happy than freaked out. Anyway I've decided to review both of the products here.

Sukin - hydrating body lotion

Reason why I chose Sukin was because it's free from so many nasties like -
  • parabens, 
  • SLS, 
  • animal derivatives, 
  • synthetic fragrances, 
  • artificial colours I can go on and on
I have a normal skin type with tendencies towards dry and this lotion feels nice and refreshing on my skin. It's for all skin types. It's light and sinks into the skin quickly. The lotion smells a bit citrusy and fresh, perfect for summer I think. This makes sense as some of the ingredients are citrus fruits like lime and grapefruit it also contains avocado, nettle and rose hip.

I'm a bit funny with trying new body lotions because I had few irritated skin accidents in the past. But Sukin body lotion is a new favourite of mine.

I like the bottle with the pump that squirt out just the right amount to apply to my skin. It's a lovely dark tinted bottle with a a label that gives an organic look to the product.

Sukin - Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is great to use for after the sun, to cool and soothe the skin. unfortunately, I haven't had much chance to try it for that purpose as living in the UK. But I can tell it's going to be great for it so I'm bringing it to my holidays this summer.

The Aloe Vera gel is good to use for dry and irritated skin and after you've shaved as it soothes your skin.

I must say that it does soothe the skin especially after shaving my legs it was such a nice feeling to put the gel on. The gel is light and sinks into the skin easily and my legs feel great.

I wished I had the Aloe Vera gel earlier as great to use for irritated skin. I'm even thinking all those time I've burned my skin whilst cooking this would work miracles.

Again it's a nice bottle with a pump that makes it easy to use, but a smaller version than the lotion.

So far I haven't got anything negative to say about Sukin.

Have you tried Sukin? What's your favourite Sukin product? 

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