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Sunday 28 June 2015

I bought the c/o Gerd serum a while back and I thought it's time to do a review. I bought it back in Sweden and there's few reasons why I bought it.

1. It's organic
2. It's made in Lapland and I lived there before and I love everything about it.
3. It's made from blueberries and blueberries are amazing.

If you, like me, never heard of c/o Gerd it's because it's a small Swedish brand. Owned by two siblings, named after their mum. It's based in northern Sweden using raw ingredients from Swedish Lapland.

At first glance the product look like a medicine bottle with it's dark tinted bottle and bright blue label. Being in a health food store didn't help. But reading on the bottle and the information about the company next to the products made me intrigued. (See all the reasons why I I bought it.) After sampling all their products I decided to buy the Serum.

The serum smells more of citrus than blueberries, but it still smells great.

The serum is a light creamy liquid and easy to apply. Most of the time I apply it on wet hair after I washed my hair, but sometimes I apply it on dry hair to give it a shine, especially for my dry ends.

The serum makes my hair feeling soft and gives it a nice shine. It absorbs in to the hair and doesn't feel greasy or sticky after. I think it's almost more like a leave in conditioner.

I'm pleased with this product and will definitely look in to other products in their range.

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