How I became a hairdresser

Thursday 2 July 2015

It wasn't my dream when I was younger to become a hairdresser. I wanted to be a journalist or a greenpeace activist. Then I went to a language school studying too many languages for my own sanity. So how did I end up as a hairdresser you wonder?

I always played with different hairstyles as a teenager and ended up always colouring my friends hair.

It wasn't until I finished school and I was worrying about what to do with my life my friend suggested hairdressing. First I thought it absurd but after a while I started to like the thought of it. My worst nightmare was to work in an office. I wanted to do something creative and have a steady income at the same time. I guess hairdressing was it. But how do you become a hairdresser?

In Sweden I was too late to go the usual way choosing hairdressing at gymnasium as I already was 18 and finished all my languages that I chosen instead. So the only other way was to pay a fortune for hairdressing school and I didn't have that money.

After a while I found a add for a salon who needed a trainee so I took my chance and went for an interview. They loved me and thought I would be perfect for the job. Until I was writing down my details and they realised I was left handed. Apparently left handed can't be hairdressers I was told (that is a lie).

I put the thoughts about hairdressing behind me and decided to go to London. I was meant to as the most stay for the summer, 11 years later I'm still here.

First I just got random jobs in a bar and then in a record shop, where I met my now husband. But eventually the thoughts of hairdressing started to come back. I remember talking to my neighbours.  They told me to go to this funky hairdressers in Spitalfields market because they thought it would suit me. So I did. I went in and told them I wanted to become a hairdresser but didn't know how to go about it. I was in luck as they needed a trainee so I could start the same week.

I started with sweeping the floor and washing hair. For anyone who wants to become a hairdresser. That will more or less be your life for the next couple of years adding one thing at the time. I remember spending hours practising parting the hair in a straight line down the middle. Practising blow drying on anyone I knew every spare half hour I had.

After a bit of time I started to go to college part time and still working in a salon. I've moved to the salon I'm still working in now. I was lucky with a great teacher who is a talented hairdresser with a big heart. He helped me with anything hair way beyond the curriculum. I have a lot to thank John for.

Also my two bosses Bradley and Scott pushing me to get better and improve my skills.

Our salon ( Natural Colour Works ) specialises in natural colour and we focus on colours. So it is important to have a strong colour knowledge and do good highlights. We do cutting as well so I have to be good in all areas.

After a while my bosses allowed me to colour clients hair as a graduate stylist and was soon promoted to stylist.

I love hair and I love my job. Even though I never dreamt about it as a young girl. It's something I  enjoy and I get such a satisfaction out of making other people happy.

I also love styling hair. Especially wedding hair. Being part of someone's special day is such an honour and I just love it so much. I love creating something beautiful and hair is definitely a piece of art you can shape in so many wonderful ways.

10 years down the line I'm now a senior stylist and I still love my job just as much. I'm looking forward to the wonderful people I will meet on a daily basis. Without the friendly and loving people that are my clients my job would not be what it is.

Don't take me wrong there's some horrible sides to hairdressing as well.

  • Like you never have a break, you might not have time to pee for 3 hrs even though you need to go. 
  • People can be horrible and shout at you. 
  • Or when people turn up late for their appointments and get mad at you for not be able to do everything they ask  
  • Everything hurts and you got someone else's hair inside your bra and you cut your fingers. 
  • Not to mention all your clothes got colour stains on them
Yet I still love my job and I happily do it. Even when people ask me on my day off. But that's all part of the fun right?

Hairdressing is hard work and you have to be passionate about it or it won't be worth it.

I'm so happy someone many years ago suggested me to try hairdressing. From the day I started I loved it.

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