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Friday 24 July 2015

A perfect balm to look after your tired feet. My love for Suti continues. Suzannah, one of the ladies who started Suti, gave me their foot balm. The Suti Fabulous foot balm was actually her first ever product she made.
Being a hardworking hairdresser and a keen runner I could not wait to try this. My feet needs as much love as they can get. 
Suti is a British organic skincare collection based on: 
  • energy healing, 
  • working with reiki, 
  • meditation, 
  • the moon and flower essences to find the perfect balance in their beauty products. 
On the Suti Fabulous foot balm packaging I'm reading
"Energetic intention: Endurance - to give strength and connection to Mother Earth. Putting the past behind you and finding your inner strength, to start afresh and walk forward."
This is a great foot balm and my feet are loving it. My feet and legs definitely feeling refreshed after using the balm. 
The fabulous foot balm has some ingredients.
- Rosemary, has pain relieving properties so perfect for my tired and sore feet. Make them new 
- Peppermint, is uplifting and making my feet feel like new again. 
- Olive oil, rehydrates the skin leaving it feeling soft. 
Some other great ingredients are pumpkin seed, avocado, eucalyptus, lemon and carrot. They all help to cool, refresh and stimulate my feet.
First time I tried the Fabulous foot balm was after I had done a 10k run in the morning. It felt great to massage this balm in to my feet and calfs. It was exactly what I needed. The feeling after was amazing. It was like having new feet again. They feel clean, fresh and relaxed. 
It is now part of my evening routine. I don't want to spoil the feeling after by running around. I just want to continue to relax. After washing my feet. I apply the foot balm and spending 5-10 minutes to massage my tired feet and legs. It is so refreshing. I did not realise how exhausted my feet are after a long day. But working the balm in to my feet massaging them I can feel the knots and the tension. It's such a relief when I notice them loosen up.  For each day I'm using the balm it's getting better. I feel reenergised and I think the peppermint helps to freshen your feet and stops any odour. 
I only use a small amount and as it's melting I work it over my feet up the legs towards my knees. As it melts I can feel it going in to the skin soothing my sore muscles and relaxes them. The balm leaves my skin smooth, not as rough feet but like nice soft skin. I feel relaxed and ready for bed, but with new energy in my legs ready for the next day. A perfect combination. 
I stand on my feet most of the day and I as most of us neglect our feet so much. I think we take our feet and legs for granted. This balm helps me to bring the importance of them back. To get rooted again.
I also think it is a perfect product for summer. Our feet are out on display so let's make them look and feel their best. My feet feels much smoother and not as dry so happy to show them off in my sandals. 
The Fabulous foot balm is £19 and it will last a long time, as you don't need a lot. 
I don't think my feet ever felt better, so thank you Suti. 
For more info or to buy check the link below. 

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