Getting ready for Paris

Monday 27 July 2015

I love getting in the mood for my holiday. Today I'm travelling to Paris. I'm taking my mum as she's never been. It will be my third time. First time was a surprise for my birthday and I fell in love with the city from the second I arrived. 

So before I go to Paris this is what I do. 

I watch French films or films set in Paris. My absolute favourite is Amélie. Especially as we'll be staying in Montmartre. I also watched woody Allen's Midnight in Paris the other day.

I listen to French music preferably from the 1920's Jazz scene. Love Edith Piaf. 

I read books that are based in Paris. It really helps me to get to know the city in a whole different way. So far I've read 
  • The most beautiful walk in the world by John Baxter 
  • A moveable feast by Ernest Hemingway 
Most of my planning goes in to finding restaurants to eat. As a vegan there's plenty of choice but travelling with other who are't vegan I don't feel like forcing it upon people. Finding restaurants that cater for both can be a challenge but I've found some great places all thanks to Pinterest of all places. Will let you know about them after I've been. 

I also trying to have a rough plan of what I like to do. On the list is 

  1. Giverny - Monet's garden
  2. Tour de Eiffel 
  3. Notre Damm
  4. Walking around Montmartre 
  5. Drink lots of coffee and people watching
  6. Seine Cruise
  7. Wine tasting

I try to pack light. Few outfits that you can Mitch and match. My main thing is to bring as much organic products with me as possible but stay under the 100ml rule and to fit it all in one little plastic bag. I prefer not to use the hotels products. Free samples are a saviour at these times. I always save mine for holidays and means you are lighter going back. 
I always pack few books as I'm first flying to Sweden to pick up my mum and then to Paris. There's a lot of time to kill so books are perfect. And of course I'm bringing my notebooks for my blog. 

I'm hoping to vlog while I'm out there and promise to take lots of pictures that I will share with you later. 

Au revoir

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