My favourite tea and mug

Tuesday 7 July 2015

I love tea. I always buying tea and tea mugs. In this video I'm showing you my favourites from my tea and mug collection. If I showed you all of it, we would be here for hours and who has time for that. Get yourself a cup of tea and let's begin.

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Swedish word: Fika

1. Earl Grey loose - Götheborgs te & kaffehandel
2. Green Chai - Yogi tea
3. Green tea & coconut - higher living
4. Rose garden - the Lawn
5. Liquorice - Higher living
6. Eucalyptus -  Götheborgs te & kaffehandel
7. Söderblandning

1. Stockholm
2. Love
3. Istanbul
4. Prague
5. Mykonos
6. Giant Tea mugs - Indiska


Tell me some things you've enjoyed in the month of June

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