Where do I buy organic beauty products

Thursday 9 July 2015

I know I'm lucky to live in London as opting for green and organic beauty is a lot easier than many other places. But even in London many people don't know where to start, so I've decided to put together a list where I buy all my organic beauty products. For you who don't live in London there's online options too.

1. Wholefoods / your local organic shop
Most places have an organic local shop with food and some beauty products, where you can get your basic hair and body products.
My local shop happens to be Wholefoods in Piccadilly Circus. In Wholefoods there's a whole world of different brands (The one in Kensington high street got even a bigger selection). This is where I get most of my basic products like body wash, lotions, toothpaste, deodorant and cleansers. I love browsing in Wholefoods as you get left alone and with opening hours to 10pm, I have all the time in the world. Well kind of.

2. Content Beauty
If you're lucky to be in central London, you must pay a visit to Content Beauty in Marylebone. It's a boutique organic skincare store. It's small but they have so many wonderful and pretty products and I love this place. They also have a beauty salon for facials, massage, waxing and nails.
It's all organic and they have a hand picked selection of the most advanced cult natural beauty brands from around the world. This is where I treat myself with products I've wanted for a long time or just to discover new brands. They stock some beauty's like Kjaer Weiss and Ilia beauty. The girls in there are so friendly. They let you browse in your own time without bothering you, but helpful when need be. My perfect kind of shop.

If you're not in London they are also available online

3. Holland & Barrett
Holland & Barrett is everywhere, which is great. This is where I go to get my essentials when I'm not near Wholefoods. They don't have as big range but still great for some basic things like body wash or toothpaste. The bigger once have better selection of beauty products and some even stock Lavera makeup.

4. Naturisimo
This is my go to website to check a product if it's vegan or I just want to know more about a product. They are so informative about every product they stock. Naturisimo is selective of the products they sell. All the products are free from

  • parabens
  • SLS
  • Petroleum/ mineral oil 
  • Phthalates
  • GM, pesticides or herbicides residues 

Non of products are tested on animals.

On their website they claim "Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of every living creature. We are not only about avoiding harmful chemicals, pollutants and animal cruelty by offering safe and healthy products.

We are also about responsible purchasing

  • sustainable lifestyles, 
  • fair trade, 
  • animal rights, 
  • biodiversity, 
  • making the world a better place 
  • and last but not least the joy of living

Some of the brands they sell are Kjaer Weiss, Green people, Lavera, Giovanni and Suti. They also do free delivery worldwide.

5. Life
Life is where I go when in Sweden. It's health and Eco shop with great selection of organic beauty. I go the the larger store in Stockholm. Where they sell Maria Ã…kerberg products, my favourite Swedish brand. If you're ever in any of the Nordic countries I recommend to check it out.

Where do you shop your organic beauty products? I would love to get some more tips of places or products to try. 

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